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Cultural change was biggest achivement, risk mitigation & compliance were by-products for AXIS bank

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Control monitoring dashboard to guide your business decisions

Monitoring and control of key business activities in real time for effective risk management

Controlling the business requires monitoring of important activities almost in real time. Think of how a pilot or driver needs a dashboard to monitor parameters while navigating. Similarly VUEFRAME® enables you to establish YOUR own INDICATOR to quickly view and control a business situation. VUEFRAME® is a WINDOW in YOUR own SPACE. The way in which earlier kings used to place small windows and mirrors to monitor their surroundings, even during their pleasure stroll in the terrace or garden.

VUEFRAME® is a control monitoring tool that connects deep into your business processes and systems and reflects their health and state on a dashboard. The parameters are user-set to indicate any change which can trigger an action in real time. Vueframe® is a highly effective and flexible aid for business leaders, managers and risk officers. AUDITime has extensively deployed VUEFRAME® for risk management in banks, financial institutions and other businesses to deliver outstanding results that impact decisions regarding profitability, operations and compliance.


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Plug the VUEFRAME® to any system and set your own parameters (guage) to monitor and take control of a situation. VUEFRAME® works seamlessly across systems in your operational environment disregarding databases or applications.

VUEFRAME® also works with ACTIAN VECTORWISE database, the preferred and proven database for its blazing speed and low cost of ownership. VUEFRAME®'s simplicity and robustness offers great value to Risk Audit and Operations managers for Control Monitoring or MIS solutions, compared to costly, elaborate rich technologies.




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