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Case Studies

ICICI Bank establishes its risk and audit management through implementation of Pentana

500+ audit users, 10000+ audits & Enterprise wide Audit Management - Success story of ICICI bank

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Audit management with Pentana

AUDITime helps you deploy and use Pentana, a flexible and feature rich audit management software for Risk Assessment, Audits and Compliances. AUDITime's experience and expertise coupled with the powerful feature of Pentana to synchronize functions, will have far reaching impact on your business.

Increased demands of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance are often painful yet inevitable elements of business today. Auditors need to perform or support Risk Assessment, audits and compliances in parallel and have to work in a synchronized manner. The skilled and experienced auditors are precious assets to attract and retain since they give competitive advantages to enterprise in this fast changing business scenario.

Pentana Audit Management Software is designed to help auditors manage a wide range of audit-related activities, data, and processes in a single, comprehensive framework. The solution provides planning, scheduling, checklists, workflow, monitoring, documenting and reporting functionality for managing the complete audit lifecycle.


Read how AUDITime has helped implement Pentana for businesses and consult us to learn how we can help in your area of interest
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Pentana's flexible framework facilitates tailoring and adoption of risk management standards by allowing email-based notifications and alerts, risk assessment methodologies, and offline functionalities for conducting audits at remote sites. Pentana helps implement best practices , ensures integration of data extraction, processing and generating sensitive or dubious transactions with the internal audit process and combines risk and compliance management system.

Risk control matrix
Risk Heat Map

Pentana solutions, developed by audit professionals for auditors and risk managers to enable activities such as:

- Performing risk assessment
- Risk based audit planning
- Managing audits
- Tracking issues9

It delivers clear and concise picture of issues to address and facilitate quick action with follow ups

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