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Pentana is dedicated to audit management solutions for any size, industry with unparallel flexibility to suit your own processes and way of approaching the audits or risk management.

Established in 1992, their mission is to support auditors and other service organisations in their professional work through the innovative use of technology. Having evolved from the auditing and IT marketplace, Pentana prides itself on their knowledge and understanding of the complexities and challenges of the auditing and accountancy profession. Pentana software is accepted and employed by 95% of the 2009 Top 20 UK Accounting Firms. 80% are actively benefiting from their resource scheduling and planning solution.

AUDITime is privileged partner for software products and implementation of Pentana Suite with large size implementation and proven ability to customise the needs of sophisticated audit users.

With growing data in any enterprise, the complexity increases due to multiple systems and different databases used by respective vendors. For Risk management and Audit purposes, it is necessary to have effective and efficient data collation, processing and reporting processes in place. Arbutus Analyzer and other relevant products by Arbutus Software Inc. offer specialized and powerful software to facilitate such processes.

Arbutus Analyzer is a windows-based software that helps auditors and risk managers conduct tests for control monitoring, fraud investigation and analyzing ad-hoc data in diverse formats.

AUDITime with its pioneering efforts have been trusted partner of Arbutus, to help you in your risk and audit project tasks.

While most organizations adopt black box testing of web applications to achieve security satisfaction, in reality it is not enough. It is imperative to look for the potential threats at source itself. IBM Apps can and Ounce labs are the only tool family in the market which has market leading products both in White Box and Box Security Testing.

The customer gets seamless tool integration from requirement phase to deployment phase of the Application life cycle to get complete traceability of which business requirement is causing what security threat in application and accordingly affect the “Compliance”, “Time to Market” of applications.

Further, a customer gets common Information Security Dashboard and a common framework which cuts across Network, Applications, Identity Management, Code Security Testing and Services. This is essential to cover against PCI Compliance etc which takes security as an overall concept not stand alone application security view. Because the overlapping nature of these areas raises serious concerns on the loopholes generated by a "Multi Vendor Strategy" with IBM there is a clear vision of these tools working seamlessly.

IBM offers sustained technical capability and the range of services to meet you comprehensive information security and IT risk mitigation plan.

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