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Arbutus Technology

Arbutus audit software is easy to implement and use, giving users power and flexibility to extract, analyze and report to present meaningful information from diverse data sets. The ranges of data access Arbutus can provide include legacy data, whether it's on the mainframe, AS/400, or Windows.

Arbutus technology includes three key components:

• Arbutus Analyzer administrative and query client
• Arbutus LegacyLink™ client
• Arbutus Servers (for Windows, Mainframe, and AS/400)

These three components work together to provide a single, unified and detailed view of data, regardless of platform or source. Each component can be installed easily with minimal support from IT staff. All of the Arbutus suites of products, or business solutions provide– Audit Analytics, Fraud Detection, Instant Warehouse or ad hoc analysis to user to meet their requirement.

Arbutus Technology Components

Arbutus Analyzer
Arbutus Analyzer is a Windows-based audit software, data analysis, and conversion tool that is used to access and analyze data, and is used to create data definitions utilized throughout the Arbutus product suite. Analyzer is also a full-featured query and analysis tool, providing a wide variety of audit reporting and analysis capabilities.

Arbutus LegacyLink™ provides any Windows application, including end-user, server, or web service, seamless access to any server data. Because the ODBC standard is used, this data is also fully compatible with other data interfaces, such as OLE/DB, JDBC, or .NET.

Arbutus Servers
Arbutus Servers provide data access and application processing support for both LegacyLink™ and Analyzer.

Arbutus Windows Server provides direct access to SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2, in addition to being fully compatible with all legacy data types.

Arbutus Mainframe (zSeries) Server provides access to virtually all mainframe data sources, and allows the transparent joining of data from disparate sources.

Arbutus AS/400 (iSeries) Server provides access to DB2, IFS, flat, and spool files, and allows the transparent joining of data from disparate sources.

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