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About Us


Company Overview

AUDITime is a focused Governance, Risk, Compliance - solutions and services company comprising experts in risk & audit management, Data analytics and Data Confidence. Our company includes exprienced professionasl and technology experts in areas of banking, financial services, insurance, manufacturing risk and compliance, technology effectiveness and investigations. Our consultants have deep insights on par with the thought leaders of the world.

We are more accessible, adept and cost effective than these competitors in delivering value to our clients.


In  the year 1999, the founders saw a vision of emerging era of Governance need due to
fast transforming technology environment. The business community was evolving with the use of diverse technology by moving to sophisticated platform from legacy environment, much without realising the underlying risk with the use of technology as backbone.

To demonstrate the need and convince the benefits of applying control knowledge, these founders started with the most challenging control evaluation and consulting task with its assurance service to exchange technology development company. The task where domain itself was less prevalent in India, the lack of knowledge and unavailability of audit capability of such projects was a start point of the marathon to form an IT audit institution. With consistent and systematic efforts, the marathon now continues with team of experienced consultants focused in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance segment, though our capabilities span much wider in the area of manufacturing, telecom, logistic and energy segment too.

What do we solve

AUDITime offers Integrated Governance, risk and compliance management systems (iGRCMS) with unified approach. It provides platform for using best of the breed applications and integration of the same with avaialbe data sources. The real 'business challenge' demands cross functional, multiplatform and independent risk management system. Again it demands enterprise wide monitoring and management. Our approach and solutions precisely follow these principles and devise strategy to get the right solution. We are dedicated to comprehensive IT assurance needs. We help our clients to achieve highest degree of assurance in their backbone of business and let them focus on core business for growth and profitability while protecting them from their risks. Our Continuous control monitoring solutions, audit management solutions, world leading GRC platform and data management solutions Guarantee the contribution in your success of business strategy.

Benefits to business

Using our solutions and services, customers can plan, execute and monitor their 'Risk Management' initiatives with unified approach through integrated systems. Customers benefit by having assured returns on their investment. Customers have revealed astonishing results in terms of savings in revenue ($M) and pay back (less than 4 weeks time) in following areas;

Fully automating the audit execution, documentation, aggregation and risk monitoring including transaction testing.

Loss due to frauds

Efforts & cost of preparing and managing the audits.

Identifying control weakness or breach.

Finding the pattern; have early indications to navigate.

Feed Forward for planning.

Stability in operations due to continuous quality management by us.


Paresh Desai

Paresh Desai - Managing Director, currently provides strategic direction, and develops delivery mechanisms for value offerings in AUDITime. He is a co-founder of AUDITime with deep experience in audit & risk management, Enterprise risk management, Data Management & Analysis, banking & manufacturing domain. His areas of expertise include strategies for continuous control monitoring & data analysis for effective management of business challenges. Since inception, Paresh has contributed to developing talents at different levels & developing IPs that contribute to the growth of AUDITime.

Chetan Maheshwari

Chetan Maheshwari - Director, currently leads sales and marketing operations of Risk & Audit practice. He has contributed and led the partnerships with technology companies delivering value of AUDITime’s solutions. He is a co- founder with rich experience in banking & insurance domain. Chetan is a qualified Chartered Accountant and an experienced certified Information Systems Auditor & Certified in Risk & Information Systems Control.




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