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Cultural change was biggest achivement, risk
mitigation & compliance were by-products for
AXIS bank

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Controls Review, Consulting and Solutions

Effective risk management demands regular monitoring of key controls and assurance to management that these controls are effectively functioning. It is important to be alert when the existing controls stops functioning and corrective action is activated to prevent the adverse impact from such failure. AUDITime has pioneered Continuous Controls Monitoring solution in large banks and manufacturing organisations. AUDITime offers customised services to address your control monitoring needs.

Controls Review & Consulting

Understanding the control framework, existence of key controls and its effective functioning is at the heart of effective management systems. Today's competition scenario demands that business processes are effectively and efficiently controlled. The frauds and leakages are proactively monitored.
With AUDITime, you get more than 100 man years control evaluation, design and assurance experience of managing complex business processes. Our expertise in the area of Banking, Financial services, Insurance and Manufacturing enables you to develop and mature a control environment adopting simple and affordable approaches.

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VUEFRAME: Continuous Controls Capability building tool

For better control environment and competitive edge, management today requires deep and clear visibility into activities and process effectiveness.

VUEFRAME’s embedded analytics gives you unmatched clear advantages that empower your business. It -
• Ensures right controls are functioning
• Enables easy improvement of processes
• Provides compliance information

VUEFRAME enables rapid integration of your Risk or Audit solutions and provides independence without IT intervention or with minimum overhead to IT department. The "operation's systems" independent VUEFRAME offers quick ROI and shortest payback period.

Contrary to the prevalent approach of managing the programs in silos, AUDITime's holistic approach helps customers integrate a detective and preventative path. It safeguards against likely fraud, money laundering or adverse impact in fast changing economic scenario.

Talk to us how we can help in your area of interest
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