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Case Studies

Applications Performance scalability and efficiency tested and advised with capacity planning inputs for Edelweiss

Major architectural issues and application defects revealed and enabled the efficiency for Edelweiss LMS

Enabled handling of dispensing and building future capacity in fuel retail for Tokheim India

Performance testing established as a process to consistently ensure the portal’s efficiency as a backbone for Holcim

Service launching disaster averted by early detection of scalability before Go Live for SBI Mutual Fund

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Load and Performance Testing

Performance issues are not always hardware issues. A thorough analysis on performance issues can reveal the real bottlenecks and can produce an optimized solution which can be combination of software, network and hardware solutions.

Proactive approach to prevent performance bottlenecks is cost effective approach. Instead of reacting to performance issues after launch of application, AUDITime helps clients to manage the performance issues before hand. Performance testing encompasses various sub categories such as Load Testing, Age Testing, Endurance Testing, Peak Testing, Failover Testing, Stress Testing etc…

AUDITime helps clients to make performance testing integral part of application development and maintenance. Our cost optimized solutions helps client to instill multiple check points in application development and maintenance process.

Our performance testing solution provides following assurance to client,

• Measures scalability of the software application and infrastructure
• Simulating real-life work load, work load growth and usage - including rough handling   and overload conditions
• Response time analysis of system along with resource utilization analysis
• Performance Bench marking
• Peak load handling capacity
• Identification of Bottlenecks causing performance degradation

Slow response of web application is one of the largest
causes of traffic diversion to

Cost of performance testing solutions is one of the major deterrents for not making performance testing as integral part of software quality management.
Our innovative value generating solutions incorporating open source and commercial technology provides most optimized solution to our customers.

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