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Risk management system and analysis for insurance industry

AUDITime has designed and implemented solutions specifically for insurance companies which take both a micro and macro view of assurance management. The 360 degree work profile for some leading Indian insurance companies include data migration audit, information systems audit, vulnerability assessment, software testing and integrated quality management, real time assurance to comply with IRDA policies and directives, operational risk mechanism to prevent surrender value and charges related issues etc

Risk, Audit & Information Security solutions for Insurance
Software Testing & Quality Management solutions for Insurance

Rapidly growing Insurance Industry in India demands stricter controls in records management, claims settlements, liquidity management and overall risk management within business. Strong Independent assurance is essential considering customer, investor and other stakeholder interest. It is important to provide clear perspective to audit committees and timely constructive input to management to maintain and sustain confidence in operations.

AUDITime has provided and implemented solutions to Leading Insurance Companies for achieving their Assurance needs and initiatives, to help them maintain their competitive edge. AUDITime’s dedicated team of Professionals and Domain experts have proven experience of a wide range of solutions for Risk Management and Assurance for the insurance industry.

Risk, Audit & Information Security solutions for Insurance

- Data Migration verification from legacy application to centralised core insurance    system, ensuring 100% purity and completeness of data
- Revenue Assurance through Continuous Audit Solutions
- Solutions for continuous controls monitoring enabling Insurance Companies to crunch    data from diverse databases to provide critical analysis and exceptions on an on going    basis
- Automated Audit Management solutions that provide standard streamlined workflows    with an Enterprise wide dashboard for Risk assessments and Controls effectiveness
- Integrated Governance, Risk and Audit Management Solution
- Systems Audit and reviews
- Vulnerability assessment, Penetration Testing and Information Systems review
- Fraud detection and investigation services

Read Insurance Case Studies and consult us to learn how we can help in
your area of interest
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Software Testing & Quality Management solutions for Insurance

- Implementation of integrated quality management services and solutions
- User Acceptance Testing for Multiplatform Systems
- Domain consulting
- Testing of software catering to wide range of business (Motor, Engineering, Fire,    Health, Rural, Aviation, Credit Shield, Non Rural, Marine and more)

Read Insurance Case Studies and consult us to learn how we can help in your area of interest
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