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An integrated approach towards quality management of software in live production environment

Independent Testing on Payment Card Processing Applications


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Functional Testing

Integrated quality management and Software testing is integral part of Risk Management Framework. It’s very crucial risk mitigation strategy to eliminate software bugs before software move into production. Our software testing solutions help in reducing functional risk, technical risks, and security risks in application.
Cost of correction of a software bug multiplies as it passes undetected through various stages of development life cycle. ....................................................
Absence of functionality, faulty executions of functionalities by software or uneasy execution steps are some of the major reasons, which contribute in system rejections by users. Functionality is one of the major reasons why software are purchased or changed. Our functional testing service helps in achieving this objective for an organization.
• The software meets the intended business and processing requirements
• The system has inbuilt validations to control the processing of transactions
• Data processing accuracy
• The software is capable of handling errors and negative data handling

Functional testing of software is conducted at various stages of a software life cycle. It is part of quality assurance process of software development; it is part of User Acceptance Testing. Functional testing as part of change management process after software is made live has peculiar complications in the form of impact analysis. Functional testing is integral part of regression testing as well.

Functional testing sucks operation users time and clashes with priority over operations. With AUDITime’s independent Functional Testing, you overcome such priority huhassels. We substitute operation users to conduct functional testing during development of new software, acquisition of off the shelf software, change management, regression testing etc…

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